Business Focus:

  • I advise listed corporations as well as privately-held enterprises on their leadership needs.
  • I draw my candidates from all over the world and maintain closely knit networks among opinion leaders as well as high potentials who will become tomorrow’s decision makers.
  • I strongly believe in relationship consulting to maintain long-lasting networks with my candidates and clients.
  • Diversity is an inherent element of all searches I perform. I will always strive to find the best possible candidate, irrespective of gender, nationality, race or religion.

Competitive Edge:

  • Clients and candidates are treated with the utmost discretion.
  • I take sole responsibility from initial candidate contact to final contract negotiations. The same applies to relationships with my clients.
  • I have a proven track record of placing highly diverse candidates, who enhance the performance of the executive and non-executive board substantially.
  • Being an entrepreneur at heart gives my searches an agile approach and guarantees a fresh view on the demand in question.
  • My network of industry experts within the field of digitalization is highly resilient on a global scale.
  • Broad industry knowledge allows me to identify the most suitable candidates, irrespective of their industry backgrounds.
  • My search approach has a clear international focus, with many of my searches being global.
  • My research teams are international, based in Europe and Asia. They all have a successful track record of identifying the leaders of tomorrow within the industry in question.
  • My clients greatly benefit from the fact that I meet and evaluate all candidates personally.
  • My diversified client base allows me to avoid off-limits issues and conflicts of interest.
  • My clients’ interests are given the highest priority and my search approach is individually tailored to suit the needs of each client.